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How did The Literary Genius Foundation start and why?

The Literary Genius Foundation was created in 2011 when Rondeen McLean first returned to Jamaica after thirteen years of building a career in finance in the United States.  Seeing how many opportunities her education had provided for her motivated Ms. McLean to use her skills to help Jamaican children achieve literacy and create new possibilities for their futures.

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How does The Literary Genius Foundation work to promote literacy?

One of the most important things Ms. McLean learned in the process of establishing the Foundation is that true literacy can only be accomplished by getting both children and their families involved.  Rather than teaching a few skills, The Literary Genius Foundation aims to nurture a true love of literacy in children who are at a crucial age in their mental development.  To achieve this lasting effect, The Literary Genius Foundation provides mentorship, engaging reading materials, and group story-reading sessions for children in underserved Jamaican communities.

Who is involved in The Literary Genius Foundation?

The Literary Genius Foundation involves children aged 3- 5 and their families, volunteers from the local communities, teachers, and entire schools.  Together we organize book drives, mentorship pairings, and story-reading sessions, as well as educating parents on how to promote and celebrate literacy with their children.

Can I get The Literary Genius Foundation involved at my school?

The Literary Genius Foundation is always looking to increase our outreach.  We aim serve elementary-school-aged children in underfunded public schools across Jamaica.  Please contact to discuss how The Literary Genius Foundation can get involved in your community.

Can I volunteer for The Literary Genius Foundation?

Definitely!  We are always looking for volunteers.  Please contact to find out where the closest Literary Genius Foundation project is taking place and how you can help!

How can I donate to The Literary Genius Foundation?

Please contact us at


Latest News

Published: 07-03-2016
SOLE Reaches Out To Early Childhood Sector

SOLE Reaches Out To Early Childhood Sector

For the first time in Jamaica, some children at the early-childhood level will be introduced to the Self-Organised Learning Environment (SOLE), which will see them connecting with other toddlers worldwide in a bid to enhance exposure and develop cognitive skills.

Published: 05-05-2015
Inside the World’s Best Kindergarten

Inside the World’s Best Kindergarten

Architect Takaharu Tezuka explains how the features of a new kindergarten building in Tokyo are designed to foster a spirit of creativity and exploration in children.

Published: 08-04-2015
Lend a Hand - b3 Community - Feature

Lend a Hand - b3 Community - Feature

Combining two of her passions, children and reading Rondeen McLean was inspired to develop a ‘nation building’ Foundation for Jamaica’s youth.

Published: 17-03-2015
Lessons Learned from a Class of 5 Year Olds

Lessons Learned from a Class of 5 Year Olds

When I was asked to do a reading session with a class of 5 year olds I accepted without giving the matter too much thought.

Published: 02-03-2015
Early Childhood Education to Get Financial Boost

Early Childhood Education to Get Financial Boost

The Jamaica Observer announces in February of 2014 that a loan from World Bank’s International Bank for Reconstruction and Development will allow 75 percent of all Jamaican children to enroll in free pre-kindergarten educational institutions. The plan will include tracking of students’ progress to identify students who require special services.

Published: 03-02-2015
Reading to the Shalom Geniuses - Eton Williams

Reading to the Shalom Geniuses - Eton Williams

During a visit to Jamaica during the Christmas holidays last year, I got a chance to join Rondeen and read to students at the Shalom Basic School in August Town.